Art Room Activities

    This year, we are using learning stations and choice based activities to increase artistic behavior, while studying the following:

    During the first nine weeks, after discussing rules, procedures, expectations, students will explore how artists use lines and shapes in their work.  Students identify and use a variety of lines - zig zag, wavy, straight, curve, loop, spiral, thick, thin, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, outlines, broken (dotted/dashed), continuous, hatched, crosshatched, gesture and action lines. Next, classes explore how lines can be used to create shapes in works of art. 
    During the second nine weeks, students continue exploring the above concepts, as well as dentifying and using a variety of colors - primary, secondary, intermediate, complementary, warm, and cool - in their work.
    The third nine weeks students will focus on texture, repetition and pattern in works of art.

    During the final part of the year, clsses will explore form and space in works of art. 

    Throughout the year, students will have opportunities to explore various supplies and techniques. They may:

    • tear, cut and glue shapes, fabric, etc. to create collages. 
    • learn about radial balance by working in cooperative groups to create folded paper relief collages.
    • use watercolor paints, crayons and oil pastels to create a resist.
    • practice different printmaking techniques.
    • use tactile and visual textures to create bracelets, weaving, zentangles, zen gardens, collage.
    • sculpt with paper, clay, foam, straws etc.
    • use origami techniques.