• BISD uses the cluster method to meet the needs of our gifted and talented students which requires that gifted students  be clustered into  G.T. trained teacher classrooms. Our G.T. teachers have received the State of Texas required 30 hour training. Students receive the majority of their instruction through their classroom teacher who modifies (differentiates) lessons and activities, as needed, in the form of either acceleration, enrichment, and/or providing greater depth, and complexity.  Our G.T. teachers recognize their gifted student's needs and design and implement instruction to meet those needs within the classroom and with me at their support teacher.    Students are also given a variety of ways to explore the curriculum based on the child's readiness, and interests.  As the G.T. support teacher, I assist  teachers in differentiating their grade level curriculum as appropriate and am a source of information regarding gifted and talented characteristics and needs.