Welcome to the World of Possibilities

Welcome to the World of Possibilities
  • There is a shared conviction between teachers and administrators that unless educators were empowered to shape the personal and professional dimensions of the educational enterprise, there would be no education reform (Kottler, 2005). Teachers are the understated source for the economic growth and advancement of our society, and whilst there are definitely other professions I could have entered into and perhaps one with fewer challenges, in my opinion teaching is perhaps the only profession whose main goal is to help others to be better than themselves and to acquire knowledge and experiences they would have otherwise have being deprived off. 
    My name is Mr. Lawanson and I am honored to serve as an instructor here at BHS. I have being teaching here for 5 years, but in a way I believe I have being a life-long teacher both to myself and to others. I have being priviledged to teach Math, albeit I have dabled (and quite frankly enjoyed flexing my skills in co-teaching Chemistry, Government, and Economics). I have also being the Special Ed. Math teacher for several years, shaping the minds of our students with special needs. 
    I must say I am very excited this year and I look forward to seeing everyone make a difference. 
  • The best way to reach me is
    BHS Phone Number
    (512) 772-2700
  • My 2020 - 2021 class schedule is as follows:
    Period 1 Geometry CO-teach
    Period 2 Conference
    Period 3 Algebra 1 Mod
    Period 4 Algebra 2 Mod
    Period 5 Math Models Mod
    Period 6 Geometry Mod
    Period 7 Geometry CO-teach
Mr. Lawanson