• BHS Honeybears

    Honey Bears

    Who are the HoneyBears?

    We are an organization that performs a precision dance with style! The HoneyBears are proud to be representatives of Bastrop High School.


    The purpose of this organization is to provide a wholesome activity for the students of Bastrop High School; to instill a feeling of pride for this organization through service to our school and community; to promote school spirit; to encourage scholarship and good conduct, and to develop qualities of leadership and self-initiative. The HoneyBears will promote self-discipline, encourage high academic standards, maintain high performance standards, and model good citizenship for school peers and fellow Bastrop High School students. We are a team and will strive to act as one in all aspects.

    How do you join?

    The Dance room (Room 507)


    Meetings are every morning before school

    Extra Information

    One year of dance class is required prior to auditioning for the HoneyBears.


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