Bad Weather Procedures


    Bad weather can impact the Bastrop Independent School District and our ability to operate. There are several factors considered before a decision is made to close school, delay the opening of school, or dismiss school early. The primary factors are:   

    • The health, safety and welfare of students;
    • The transportation of students from home to school and back; and
    • The disruption caused when school starts late, dismisses early or is closed.  

    If inclement weather hits the Bastrop ISD area, the Superintendent of Schools will make a decision to delay or cancel school on the day in question. No announcements will be made when schools will maintain their regularly scheduled hours. Below is the Bastrop ISD procedure for bad weather.

    1. At or before 4 a.m., staff from BISD’s Emergency Operations will deploy to assess weather conditions and roadway conditions. BISD Emergency Operations will work with the Bastrop County Office of Emergency Management, Bastrop County and City of Bastrop law enforcement, as well as the National Weather Service.
    2. By 4:30 a.m., BISD Emergency Operations will visually inspect various areas across the district of streets for icy, wet, or dry roads and monitor weather information resources.
    3. If roads are questionable, the Superintendent is contacted to discuss findings and recommendations.
    4. The Superintendent makes every effort to make a decision by 5 a.m. whether or not to delay or cancel school.
    5. Information about Bastrop ISD school delays or closures will be made through:

    What if bad weather hits during school hours?

    If weather conditions worsen during the day, a decision is made as soon as possible if an early release is needed to get students home safely. If weather conditions appear that they will resolve during the school day then students will be kept until regular dismissal time. If in the event of severe weather alerts, the District has decided to keep the schools open for the remainder of the day, any parent who insists on picking up their child will be allowed to do so without penalty.