About Us

  • Cedar Creek Elementary School is one of six elementary schools in Bastrop ISD. We are located on Highway 21 and FM 535. We opened our doors in 1993 and today, we serve more than 700 students each year in grades Pre-K through 4th. Cedar Creek Elementary receives federal funds through the Title 1 program based on the number of enrolled students who qualify for the free- and reduced-price meal program.

    Cedar Creek Elementary is also home to one of the two Child Development Centers in Bastrop ISD, which is a program to provide childcare for BISD staff and teen parents.



    We will create a community of learners who are empowered to reach high levels of academic success, fostered by an environment that is creative, collaborative, connected, and cooperative.


    Cedar Creek Elementary supports the academics, social and emotional development of all students and is commited in holding a culture of high expectations for all.

    School Motto

    Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek stomp your feet,
    Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek can't be beat,
    Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek goes all the way,
    Cedar Creek, Cedar Creek we're here to stay,
    C-E-D-A-R   C-R-E-E-K  Have a great day!

    School Colors

    Blue and White